HEAVY DUTY (Up to 3.5 m)

Heavy Duty Leigh Harris Measurewinder – Fabric Measuring Machines

Leigh Harris measurewinder custom make Heavy Duty machines (76mm rollers) in varying widths up to 3.5m wide, with or without high inspection roller, with or without fabric inspection light etc. Contact us to discuss your special requirements.

Heavy Duty

Special Heavy Duty UPH  (upholstery fabric) 3500mm wide, 76mm dia. rollers, inspection lights & high inspection roller.


Heavy Weight machine measures and rolls fabric up to 350 cm (137″)
Motor driven with speed variable from 0 to 1 m per second
Cradle rollers will accept broken cardboard tubes
Electronic meter registers up to 99.99 meters, then counts on
Meter automatically stops counting at roll end
All rollers are made from high quality polished stainless tube – not chrome plated – they will not snag on the fabric
Fabric inspection lights are an option
Custom made up to 3500mm wide, with 76mm dia. rollers, inspection lights & high inspection roller (optional).

Manufactured and distributed by Leigh Harris Engineering,  Measurewinder fabric measuring machines are used by many of the largest fabric manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in Australia, New Zealand, The Pacific and South East Asia.

Call us today to find out why the Measurewinder is the best choice for fabric measuring machines and fabric inspection machines for your business.

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